Studies That Proves Shingles Vaccine Effectiveness

Shingles vaccine is advisable for adults over 60 years old and most family physicians recommend shingles vaccine for older members of the household. Shingles vaccine is recommended to fight and prevent from reawakening of the chicken pox virus that will cause shingles. This kind of vaccine is the best weapon for protection of the feared disease like chicken pox and shingles. Shingles is a condition when one experience agonizing pain from the rashes, but pains will subside and relieve after taking a shot of the shingles vaccine.

Shingles vaccine effectiveness depends on the age of the individual. Doctors will decide at what age the vaccine should be given. The earlier this vaccine is administered to the person, the higher the chance of less efficiency by the time the individual is at highest peak of risk for shingles virus to recur. The effectiveness of shingles vaccine decreases with age.

According to some research, for persons in their 60s, the shingles vaccine cuts the risk of ailment by 50%. At the ages between 70-79 years, the effectiveness drops to 41%. And shingles vaccine effectiveness runs to less than 20% for those individuals age 80 years and older. Shingles vaccine effectiveness has been proven to prevent incidence, the severity and the duration of the illness and complications of shingles.

In a clinical study that involves thousands of adults 60 years and older, it was found out that the vaccine reduced the risk of shingles by up to 51%. Moreover, the shingles vaccine also lessens the risk of postherpetic neuralgia by up to 67%. There is also a significant decrease of herpes zoster severity and duration during attack as seen from those persons who have received the shingles vaccine. Without this vaccination, around 20% of people who have already experienced chickenpox will likely get shingles. Thus, shingles vaccine plays a vital role in preventing the attack of shingles and suffering from its complications.